We help create an atmosphere where people can experience the presence of God. Operate cameras, lights, video, graphics, stage manager and FOH to support the Gospel being presented on stage. No experience required.


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Camera Operator 

As camera operator you are responsible for capturing shots of worship and the speakers on stage in a perspective not seen from the seats. Your camera shots go on the screen in the auditorium during services and well as to what online views. 



Lighting Operator 

As lighting operator you are responsible for the mood of the service. From transitions of worship, to announcements, to videos; lighting invites a movement dynamic of service components. Specifically in worship, lighting helps lead the energy in the room.  


Video Director 

As the video director, just like the camera operator you invite different perspectives of the service. Choosing camera shots that give better view of the Pastor and speakers on stage to creatively showing worship components. Your job, then is to know good shots and guide your camera operators to create what you want seen. 


Graphics Operator 

As the graphics operator, you help church attenders follow along in worship by providing the lyrics to songs as well as during the Message, by providing scripture references and sermon points. During service components you are in charge of graphics advertising up and coming events, service details and so on. 


Stage Manger 

As stage manager, you are responsible for the set up, transitions and tear down of band gear. You oversee the stage as a whole, making sure cords & gear are clean and working properly. You gracefully and quietly give and take items from the stage though out the service: the podium, table and chairs, even props at times. You work closely with the FOH Engineer, Worship Leaders as well as the production team. 


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Front Of House  

As a Front of House engineer at Foursquare Church, you are responsible for how clearly and comfortably we project everything on stage to the congregation so they can worship freely in a comfortable distraction free environment.