This class is a prerequisite for any couple that wants to be married by a Motion Church pastor. This is a fantastic class that will help you prepare for the most important decision you will make in your life, next to your relationship with God. 

Whether you are getting married at Motion Church or not, if you are planning a wedding, this 6-week class is not to be missed. The cost is $125 per couple and includes workbooks plus refreshments. Listed below is our upcoming class schedule's start dates:

January 8 - February 12

February 19 - March 26

April 2 - May 7


In the culture we live in today it is very common for people to cohabitate and participate in the benefits of marriage, i.e. sexual intimacy.

This situation has become somewhat prevalent in the church among Christians for a number of reasons. And while we understand the culture and how it has influenced the lives and activities of Christians, we do not accept that as normative for the church or for believers. We hold to a biblical definition of personal relationship conduct.

We also understand that circumstance can get complicated and lives can become so intertwined that to separate now would be challenging, and may even seem impossible to you.

It is not mandatory for you to separate your living situation to participate in this class. HOWEVER, it is our strong encouragement and recommendation that you make every effort to honor one-another and honor God by separating and continuing in that state, and abstaining from sexual intimacy until your wedding date.

This encouragement and recommendation comes purely from our hearts to see you blessed by God, and experience the full benefits of obedience to God, and your own personal witness. Please allow us to assist you in finding solutions to change your living situation if you need help.

Please note that in accordance with Motion Church policy, a pastor from our church cannot marry you if you are cohabitating.

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Please contact the church at (253) 848-9111 and ask for Ashley Bates for any questions.

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