Motion Church


Our 2018 word for the year is “Move The Needle: So Jesus’ Name Will Be Known”.  We know that God has placed a powerful vision into the heart of our Senior Pastors and we as a church have enthusiastically agreed with and grabbed ahold of that vision! We know that moving the needle means that we cannot remain where we are, doing what we have always done. Moving the needle implies movement, energy, and motion. We as a church can feel that the Holy Spirit is working and stirring us up for greater things that God has for us to do. One thing that we can always count on is that our God is in the business of shaking things up so that we move out of our comfort zones and into the work He has called us to do and the promise He has called us to possess. All throughout the Bible we see times when God has brought someone out of where they were, called them by a new name and released them into a greater work for His kingdom. This is where we find ourselves.

For 20 years Foursquare Church has been serving our community and doing the work of the Kingdom. Being called by a new name does not mean that we are in any way changing who we are. Our Mission and Core Values remain the same as they have always been. We will still be part of the Foursquare denomination. We do know that we are being called to step into a new season of greater work and greater promise! There are a few things we know about our church from the last 20 years; we are a battleship, not a cruise ship (we are here to serve, not be served), we are called to move the needle so Jesus’ name will be known. So in praying about what this new name would be, these truths have guided us. That is why the new name of our church will be MOTION CHURCH. We are a church that is constantly in motion and we are thrilled to have a name that reflects the same vision that has guided our church for the last 20 years!

What an exciting adventure this will be for us as a church! We are stepping into a season we have never entered before and we are leaning into the promise that God has given us that He will guide us and use us to move the needle in our community and our world! This name change is only a symbol of the amazing work that has been done and is to come! We are thrilled that you are joining us on this exciting journey!