Group Leader Resources

This page contains resources for Group Leaders. There are three areas of support available here:

  1. Group Leader Application - here you will find the application to complete to start the process of becoming a group leader.

  2. Community Group Information form - this from is completed upon approval as a group leader, or as an existing group making changes to your current group.

  3. Group Leader Training materials - this section contains the training materials that provide the why, what and how of being a group leader, and running a group here at our church.

  4. Database tutorial videos - as a group leader you utilize our database (Church Community Builder or CCB) frequently to maintain your group, send communications, take attendance, create events for your group meetings, etc. These tutorial videos will provide you with the basic instructions for maintaining your group.

If you have any additional questions or needs, click here for help: Group Support.

How to become a Group Leader - Two Simple Steps

  1. Complete Growth Tracks. All who want to lead or serve at Motion Church must complete Growth Tracks. If you have not already completed Growth Tracks, click here: Growth Tracks Registration

  2. Complete a Leader Application. Once you have completed Growth Tracks, or if you have previously led at Motion Church, click here to complete the the application: Group Leader Application

Group Leader Resources

Community Group Information form: Click here to provide the specifics of your group that will appear in the groups search on the website.

Group Leader Training Materials: Here you will find the purpose, mission, expectations and practical elements of being a leader and operating a group at our church.

Tutorial Videos for CCB: Find the video below to help you administrate your group.