Puyallup Foursquare Church provides assistance to our members on a case by case basis. There are a number of factors that influence if, and how much assistance will be provided.

We typically will consider requests for:

·      Utilities

·      Rent

·      Food

We typically do not consider requests for:

·      Mortgage

·      Insurances

·      Auto payments

·      Transportation or travel (unless emergency related to close family member medical emergency)

To request assistance:

·      Click on the link below and complete the assistance application 

·      Upload any relevant supporting documents (any request for assistance for utilities or rent must be accompanied by support documents to be considered). If you are not able to upload documents, they must be brought directly to the church office prior to review

The process for requests are as follows:

·      Requests are all reviewed on Fridays and decisions made that day

·      Any request for assistance needs to be submitted prior to 5pm on Wednesdays

·      If financial assistance is provided, checks are available the Friday following review and approval (7 days)

·      No financial assistance is made payable directly to the person making the request, only to the vendor

We pray you are walking in faith and trusting God as your provider through your challenge. He is able to meet every need you have! We are here only as an emergency support as God moves in your circumstances.